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Gallantry awards & Casualties from WWI 1914 - 1918


Medals & Casualties index

I am selecting random people to add research detail.

Here are  the few selected so far, this will grow.

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RABINO, 2/Lieutenant Francis Aloysius M.C.

RACTIVAND, 2/Lieutenant Demetrius M.C.

RADCLIFFE, Lieut. Charles Netten M.C.

RADFORD, Lieut. John Arundel M.C.

RALPH, 2/Lieutenant John Leslie M.C.

RANDALL, Flying-Officer George Ebbon D.F.C.

RANDALL, Capt. Joseph Edward M.C.

REAH, Lieut. Herbert William M.C.

REDLER, 2/Lieutenant Harold Bolton M.C. 

REED, Lieut. John Philip M.C.

REED, Lieut. William M.C.

RERRIE, 2/Lieutenant Henry Godden M.C.

REYNOLDS, Capt. Harry Norman M.C.

RHODES, Capt. Dunstan M.C.

RICH, Capt. Cecil Olvar M.C.

RICHARDS, Lieut. Lincoln Winfield M.C.

RICKATSON, 2/Lieutenant Hugh Cecil M.C.

RICKWOOD, 2/Lieutenant John Edgell M.C.

RIDLINGTON, Lieut. Alfred Charles M.C.

RIGOLD, 2/Lieutenant Ernest Edward M.C.

RIPPERGER, Lieut. Harold Theodore Alvin M.C.

Arthur Roake DSM SS1940

ROBERTS, Lieut. Frederick Arthur Donkin M.C.

ROBERTS, 2/Lieutenant Henry M.C.

ROBERTS, 2/Lieutenant John M.C.

ROBERTSON, 2/Lieutenant Albert M.C.

ROBERTSON, 2/Lieutenant Frank Bruce M.C.

ROBINSON, Lieut. Harry M.C.

ROBINSON, 2/Lieutenant Norgrove Stewart M.C.

ROCHFORD, 2/Lieutenant John Robert M.C.

ROE, Lieut. Alfred M.C.

ROLLES, 2/Lieutenant Nathaniel M.C.

ROSCOE, Major William M.C.

ROSE, 2/Lieutenant Eric William M.C.

ROSE, Lieut. Matthew Howard M.C.

ROSHER, Lieut-Col. John Brenchley, M.C. D.S.O.

Ross, Capt. Charles D.F.C.

ROUGHT, Lieut. Philip M.C.

ROWLAND, Capt. Frank Skinner M.C.

RUNDELL, Capt. Leslie Eric M.C. 

RUSSELL, 2/Lieutenant Robert Tor D.S.O.

RUTHERFORD, 2/Lieutenant Stanley M.C.