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Gallantry awards & Casualties from WWI 1914 - 1918


Medals & Casualties index

I am selecting random people to add research detail.

Here are  the few selected so far, this will grow.

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ABEL, 2/Lieutenant James Edgar, M.C.

Major Abell, William Henry

Sergeant Henry James Ackland M.M.

Adair, Capt. Eric Pearson M.C.

John Gill Sampson Adam CSM

ADAMS, 2/Lieutenant Arthur Marston, M.C.

ADAMS, Lieut. Berthold, M.C.

ADAMS, 2/Lieutenant Oliver Haynes , M.C.

ADAMS, 2/Lieutenant Thomas James , M.C.

ADAMS, Lieut. Wilfred Carne , M.C.

Private William Albert Adams M.M.

ADDISON, 2/Lieutenant Roger , M.C.

AINGE, 2/Lieutenant David Alfred Lloyd , M.C.

Ainsworth, Capt. George William M.C.

Ainsworth, Acting Captain, Norman John M.C.

ALDOUS, Lieut. George James, M.C.

ALLBURY, 2/Lieutenant William, M.C.

ALLEN, 2/Lieutenant Henry Cecil, M.C.

ALLERTON, 2/Lieutenant Arthur Russell, M.C.

Allnutt, Capt. Edward Bruce M.C.

George Ames O.B.E. M.C. T.D

ANDERSON, 2/Lieutenant Eric Edwin, M.C.

ANDERSON, Capt. David Wilson, M.C.

Anderson, Lieut. George M.C.

ANDREW, Capt. Reginald Barrett William Goldsworthy, M.C.

Andrews, Lieut. Clifford Weedon M.C.

Private Charles John Andrews 99

ANDREWS, 2/Lieutenant Lionel Raymond, M.C.

Andrews, Capt. Reginald Wood M.C.

ANDREWS, Capt. Stephen Arthur D.S.O.

Annesley, Capt. Francis Dighton M.C. Croix de Guerre (Belgian)

Anscombe, Capt. Allen Wells M.C.

APPLETON, 2/Lieutenant James, M.C.

ARTHUR, 2/Lieutenant Frederick Parle, M.C.

ASBURY, Capt. Charles Henry M.C.

Lieut.-Colonel L. F. Ashburner D.S.O., M.V.O.

Ashdown, Capt. Arthur James M.C.

ASHDOWN, Temp. Capt. Charles Frederick M.C.

ASHDOWNE, Lieut. Kenneth, M.C.

Askham, Lieut. S. G. M.C.

Aspland, Capt. Vivien Lindsey M.C. Croix de Guerre

ATKIN-BERRY, Lieut. Henry Gordon, M.C.

ATKINSON, Lieut. Edward Arthur, M.C.

Aubrey, Capt. Ivor M.C.

Augeraud, Capt. Edward Howel Guerin M.C. Order of Crown of Roumania, Chevalier.

AUSTEN, Major Ernest Edward D.S.O.

Austin, Lt. John Frederick Lawrence M.C.