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ANDREWS, Capt. Stephen Arthur D.S.O.

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The Military Cross was instituted as a Decoration on December 28th, 1914, to reward Distinguished Services rendered by Officers of certain ranks in the army in time of war. Bars may be added for additional acts of gallantry. Since August 1st, 1918, it has, like the D.S.O., been awarded for "services in action" only.

ANDREWS, Lieut. Stephenson Arthur ... ... ... ... 7/Royal Sussex

YPRES, 31st July and 1st August, 1917. He led his company with great gallantry and dash in the attack, gaining all his objectives, consolidating his position, and holding it for two days. He set a splendid example to his men by his coolness under heavy fire.


Near CARNOY, 26th August, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry. He showed great courage in bombing a strong point from which the enemy were holding up the advance by heavy machine-gun fire. He led a few men forward, captured the gun, and killed five of the crew, enabling the remainder to advance and reach their objective. Throughout the operations from 22nd to 28th August his courage and leadership inspired all under his command.

The Distinguished Service Order was instituted by Queen Victoria, September 6th, 1886.  May be conferred on Commissioned Officers who have been specially mentioned in despatches for meritorious or distinguished service in the field or before the enemy. Bars may be added for additional acts of gallantry. Since August 1st, 1918, this Order has been awarded in respect of active service for "services in action " only, i.e., for service under fire or for distinguished individual service in connection with air-raids, bombardments or other enemy action.

ANDREWS, Capt. Stephen Arthur ... ... ... ... ... 7/Royal Sussex

Near EPEHY, 18th September, 1918. For conspicuous gallantry and good work. His company was allotted the task of clearing the railway embankment of the enemy. Although enfiladed by machine-gun nests from the village, and having sustained heavy casualties, he personally led forward the remainder of his company, and was one of very few to reach the objective. He then organised under very heavy fire and held the position until the situation was cleared up. [Reg. No. 1915