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Geographer to the King,
12, 13, and 14, Long Acre, London, W.C.

The maps here given are the best examples of those extant, and are chosen as each being representative of a special period. All but one have appeared in the volumes of Sir Walter Besant's great and exhaustive "Survey of London," for which they were prepared, and the publishers believe that in offering them separately from the books in this handy form they are consulting the interests of a very large number of readers.

The exception above noted is the map known as Faithorne's, showing London as it was before the Great Fire; this is added for purposes of comparison with that of Ogilby, which shows London rebuilt afterwards. Besides the maps properly so called, there are some smaller views of parts of London, all of which are included in the Survey.


Description.—This map generally goes by the name of Faithorne, the engraver, but in reality the credit is due quite as much to Richard Newcourt the elder (d. 1679), who was the draughtsman. It is selected for a place here because, the date being 1658, it shows the City as it was before the Fire, and therefore forms a supplement to the map of Ogilby which follows, and shows the City as it was when rebuilt after the Fire.

Engraver.—William Faithorne the elder was born in 1616, and was an engraver and portrait painter. He engraved numerous portraits, book-plates, maps, and title-pages. Among his works are two large maps, entitled "Cities of London and Westminster," and of "Virginia and Maryland."

Original.—The only two copies of the original issue known to be extant are in the Print Rooms, British Museum, and in the Bibliothèque Nationale of Paris. The map here given is taken from a sheet of that in the British Museum, and is on the same scale.

Details.—It will be noticed that the sheet chosen for inclusion in this atlas shows very nearly the same area as the map of Ogilby which follows, but does not go quite so far eastward as the Tower. The City wall is clearly shown along the north side of the City, and the bastion near Cripplegate stands out; the town ditch can be traced just beyond this corner running southward. It was the curious and apparently meaningless angle that the wall makes here which led Sir Walter Besant to suggest that it may have been designed to exclude the ancient Roman amphitheatre, of which the site is now lost (see Early London, p. 85). The Fleet River is shown still open and crossed by bridges, of which there are no fewer than five from Holborn to the mouth. That at Fleet Street shows, indeed, a continuous line of houses. St. Paul's is very clearly delineated. The figures within the City refer to the old churches, of which a list is given below. Notice the gable roofs, still the chief style of domestic architecture. The lines of the streets in the heart of the City remain wonderfully the same to our own day. Outside the walls the City is stretching out great arms into the country. There is one such arm made by the continuous houses fringing Bishopsgate Street as far as the extreme northern limit of the map. Then there is a gap between this and Moorgate Street, including all the ground known at Moorfields and Finsbury. A few scattered houses and some cultivated fields cover this space, and in one corner is "Bedlame."

A mass of houses lies westward, running on to the Charter House, northward of which are open fields, and so to "Clarkin Well."

The Severall Chvrches within the Walles of London Distinguished by seuerall Figures, By which allsoe the Eye may partly be guided to the Eminent Streets in or neere which they stand, which could not well be otherwise demonstrated, in regard of the small Scale by which this Mapp is described.

01. Albans in Woodstreet
02. Alhallows Barkin nere Tower hill
03. Alhallows in Bread street
04. Alhallows ye Greate in Thamas streete
05. Alhallows the Lesse in Thdo.s strdo.
06. Alhallows in Hony lane nere Chepside
07. Alhallows in Lumber street
08. Alhallows Stayninge nere Fanshawes street
09. Alhallows in ye Wall nere Moorefeilds
10. Alphage by ye Wall nere Cripple gate
11. Andrew Hubard by Philpot lan
12. Andrew Vndershaft
13. Andrew in ye Wardrop aboue Pudle wharfe
14. Ann at Alders gate
15. Ann in Black friers
16. Antholins in Watling streete
17. Austins nere Paules church
18. Bartholomew by ye Exchange
19. Bennet Finch
20. Bennet Grace church neer Gracious streete
21. Bennet at Paules wharfe
22. Bennet Sherehogg nere Bucklers berry
23. Bottolph at Billings-gate
24. Christs Church by Newgate streete
25. Christophers in Thredneedle streete
26. Clements in East chepe
27. Dennis back Church nere Eāshastreete
28. Dunstanes in ye East nere Tower street
29. Edmonds in Lumber streete
30. Ethelborough in Bishops gate street
31. Faith under Paules
32. Foster in Foster lane nere Chepside
65. French Church in Third needle street
33. Gabriell in Fanshawes streete
34. Georges in Bottolph lane
35. Gregories by Paules
36. Hellins nere Bishops gate
37. Iames Dukes place nere Aldgat
38. Iames Garlick hill by Bow lane
39. Iohn Baptist nere Dow gate street
40. Iohn Euangelist nere Friday street
41. Iohn Zachary nere Foster lane
42. Katherin Coleman nere Fanshawes stret
43. Katherin Cree church nere Aldgate
44. Lawrence Iury nere Guild hall
45. Lawrence Poultney nere Eastchepe
46. Leonarde in East-chepe
47. Leonarde in Foster lane
48. Magnus by the Bridge
49. Margrett in Lothberry
50. Margrett Moses next Friday street
51. Margrett in new Fishstreete
52. Margrett in Rood lane
53. Mary Abchurch Lane
54. Mary Aldermanberry
55. Mary Aldermary nere Watling streete
56. Mary le Bow in Chepside
57. Mary Bothaw in Cannon streete
58. Mary Cole church in Chepside
59. Mary Hill aboue Billings gate
60. Mary Mounthaw aboue Broken warfe
61. Mary Somersett nere Broken wharfe
62. Mary Staynings nere Alders gate
63. Mary Woollchurch nere ye Stocks
64. Mary Woollnoth in Lumber streete
66. Martins Iremonger lane nere Chepside
67. Martins within Ludgate
68. Martins Orgars nere Eastcheape
69. Martins Outwitch next Bishopsgate stret
70. Martins Vintree neere ye 3 Cranes
71. Mathews in Friday Street
72. Maudlins milke strēt neere Chepside
73. Maudlins in Old Fishstreete
74. Michaell Bashaw behind Guildhall
75. Michaell in Cornhill
76. Michaell Crooked Lane neere N Fish'trete
77. Michaell att Quene Hith
78. Michaell ye Querne vper end of Chepside
79. Michaell Royall att Colledge Hill
80. Michaell in Woodstreet nere Chepside
81. Mildred in Bred streete nere Chepside
82. Mildred in the Poultry
83. Nicholas Acons Nicholas lane nere Lūberstreet
84. Nicholas Cole Abby in old Fishstreet
85. Nicholas Olaves in Breadstreet
86. Olaues in Hart street nere Cruched friers
87. Olaues in old Iury at ye lower end of Chepside
88. Olaues in Silver streete
89. Pancras in Soper lane nere Bucklerbery
90. Peters nere Chepside
91. Peters in Cornehill
92. Peters nere Paules wharfe
93. Peters ye poore nere Brod streete
94. Steven in Coleman streete nere Moregate
95. Steven in Wallbrooke
96. Swithens in Canon streete by London stone
97. Thomas ye Apostle
98. Trinitie Church aboue Quene Hith
99. Dutch Church nere Brodstreete