London history over 2000 years

London history over 2000 years

Artists Rifles :1917 December 30th (Welsh Ridge), Killed in Action, Died of wounds, etc.

Chronological Roll of Honour.


Dec. 30. Officers, N.C.Os. and Men, 1 /Artists, killed in action or died of wounds
received at Welsh Ridge, Cambrai, on this date.

ENGLISH, 2/Lieutenant Alfred Cecil
GODFREY, 2/Lieutenant Stephen Mervyn
GROOM, Lieut. Cyril
LIGHTFOOT, 2/Lieutenant Francis Bertram
SALISBURY, 2/Lieutenant Walter Frederick*
SHINNER, Lieut. William Goodwin Blake* (d. Nov. 2)

AMOORE, Pte. Ralph Hannam*
CLELAND, Pte. Alan Ian Henry
CRAMOND, Pte. William*
DEAN, Sgt. Alfred Henry
DEAN, Sgt. Louis Sandbach
DEWEY, Sgt. Francis Cecil
DYSON, Pte. Gamm ,.
GARE, L/Sgt. John Henry
GOLLE, Cpl. Claude Victor
HOLLYMAN, Pte. William Henry
HUMPHREY, Pte. Harold George
JARVIS, Pte. David Frederick Charles
JUMP, Pte. Stanley
LE BAS, Pte. Albert Olavasia
LEY, Pte. John William
MARTIN, Pte. Alfred Edgar
NEILL, Pte. Robert
NORRIS, Pte. Robert
O'VASTON, Pte. Adalia Daniel
PAINE, Pte. James Horace
PARSONS, Pte. Charles Warden* (d. 3isf)
PHILLIPS, Pte. George Edward
PRESSNELL, Pte. Charles Edgar
PULFORD, Pte. John Charles
SCHOFIELD, Pte. James Leach
SIMPSON, Pte. James Arthur
STAPLETON, L/Cpl. Walter Richard
TAYLOR, L/Cpl. Douglas Clifton
THORP, Pte. Albert Ernest
TREVENEN, Pte. Samuel
TURPIN, Pte. Walter Frank
WOODHEAD, Pte. Frederick Gordon* (d.

* Died of wounds

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